Most well-developed countries have long recognised the needs and demands for the products and services related to the well-being and needs of the elderly as they enter the aged population.

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Recognising the needs to focus on the demands of elderly care as the Malaysian ageing population continues to grow,the ASEAN Senior Care and Wellness Expo (AGEXPO) jointly organised with its partners TAITRA, NACSCOM and GEM-MINDS is a first in Malaysia exhibition specially tailored to open its doors and senior citizens aged 60 and above to discover and connect with the aged care and silver hair market industry.

The exhibition focused on the well-being and needs of the elderly will aim to provide knowledge and feature a series of discussion by inspirational speakers in its conference and forums as well as to introduce long-established and emerging products and service providers in the professional field of aged care, lifestyle, wellness and healthcare industries to the families and senior citizens of Malaysia.


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Rapid population ageing has resulted in an influx of scientist and technologists in health and science who offer innovative solutions for older people. This conference will focus on the future of care to support active ageing, smart health technologies, and socio-environmental innovations within homes, centres or municipalities. This is aimed not only to improve well-being and life expectancy of older people but also promote successful ageing-in-place. It will provide a platform to showcase how the multidimensional needs and priorities of older people can be enhanced by modern innovations and solutions created by established and innovative scientists in the field.

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