Why Exhibit?

i. Showcase existing products and services, solutions, technology, information and education for caring and supporting senior citizens

ii. Provide a comprehensive source of information to the community for informed choices and decision making with regards to healthcare and well-being

iii. Ease family members and raise the welfare and quality of life for senior citizens



Most well-developed countries have long recognised the needs and demands for products and services related to the wellbeing and lifestyle for the elderly as they enter into the aged population.

Recognising this need for Malaysia as the ageing population continues to grow, the ASEAN Senior Care & Wellness Expo (AGExpo) is A FIRST IN MALAYSIA – B2B and B2C exhibition specially tailored for the trade and public to discover and connect with the aged care and silver hair market industry.


A dedicated zone that features a wide segment of eldercare services and solutions – get ready to answer doubts and challenges faced by their loved ones and play a part as a professional eldercare provider to share knowledge and tips as well as quality assurance to your products and services.


A huge market and opportunity to tap into and connect with targeted groups of eldercare providers with your latest products and innovations for the seniors living, rehab and etc.


Located within this Zone, related senior living and eldercare industry talks and medical support will be conducted by industry and medical experts.

A Growth Market

Over 10,000 B2B and B2C visitors comprising end-users, care-givers and industry players.

Direct to Consumers

Expose your brand to your end-users. As a B2C semi-trade event, AGExpo is the best platform for your brand to court its consumers directly. By 2020, 1 in 10 Malaysians is a potential consumer! (University Malaya Social Wellbeing Research Centre)

Burgeoning Healthcare Industry

By 2020, spending on healthcare in Malaysia is estimated to hit RM80 billion. (The Sun, “Malaysian healthcare industry spending to reach RM80bil by 2020)  Don’t miss out on this huge market. Access your consumers directly.   

Market For Medical Innovation

Innovation in technology and medical device industry are fuelling the aged-care market. Consumers are increasingly willing to spend on New Care Models, beyond traditional hospital settings. Get to your consumers directly. Let them experience your innovation.

Nutritional Insurance

83.1% of consumers over the age of 50 regularly consume dietary supplements, yet 4-11% of Malaysian adults over age 65 are underweight. Position your brand for this growing market and educate consumers on making the right purchase for their needs. (Malaysian Data from Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey 2014)

Access To Finance

EPF estimates 50% of members over age 55 exhaust their savings in 5 years. 31% achieve savings of RM228,000 by 55. With huge amounts of money being spent so fast, secure a market that needs your guidance to invest prudently. (The Edge, “Long-term challenges in retirement planning”)

Financial Independence

There is employment after retirement, so gear up to assist seniors plan their investment portfolio. Help them plan senior-friendly property purchases and travel destinations.  Your customers await you!

Exhibitor Category

Smart Healthcare

  • Healthcare Applications
  • Innovation and Smart Aid Technology
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Lifestyle and Enhancement Products and Services

  • Brain Development Courses
  • Career Development and Opportunities for The Retired
  • Enhancement Courses
  • Investment Funds Consultation Services
  • Maid Services
  • Property Developer
  • Sport and Recreational Courses
  • Travel and Leisure Groups

Medical and Rehabilitation

  • Dental, Orthopaedic & Ophthalmic Equipment
  • Hearing & Vision Aids
  • Home Support Equipment
  • Innovation and Smart Aiding Technology
  • Medical & Wellness Consultations
  • Medical / Nursing Care
  • Medical, Labs & Diagnostics Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Equipment & Mobility Aids

Health Food and Supplement

  • Anti-Aging Supplements
  • Health & Dietary Supplements
  • Natural and Organic Products
  • Nutritional F&B Products for The Elderly
  • Traditional Herbs Supplement

Legacy Planning Services

  • Insurance
  • Will Writing Services
  • Legal Services
  • Funeral Services

Afterlife Product and Services

  • Funeral Services
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Will Writing Services